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The Season Begins

Rhinebeck Crew kicked off the season at the W.A.R. race in Poughkeepsie on April 19. The cobwebs are gone and we’re ready to row!

We’ll be back at the historic riverside in Poughkeepsie several more times this season (see calendar). Poughkeepsie has been the site of some of the most prominent races in American rowing history. Tens of thousands used to gather for regattas along the shores and many followed the races in moving trains on the west side of the river.

The Intercollegiate Championships were held here for many years. You can see a clip from 1934, including a shot of the moving train, here: 1934 Intercollegiate Championships.

The celebrated 1936 intercollegiate races were also here and preceded the great Olympic story told in the book “The Boys in the Boat”. There is a brief shot of the Poughkeepsie regatta in the following clip from 1936: 1936 Intercollegiate Races.

Lots of historic Poughkeepsie race shots at left!

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