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Rhinebeck Crew Competes on the Hudson

An Update from Coach Ralph Bosco:

Believe it or not the long awaited, highly anticipated NYS Championships in Saratoga is already upon us. This past weekend was the annual Triangular’s Regatta. Despite a long winter/late start to spring and several windy days, Rhinebeck nonetheless had a strong showing at this event. The boys freshman 4 placed 3rd out of 5 boats in their first ever race! The women’s freshman 8 posted a time of 6:38 in their first bout. And the women’s novice 4 shined with a 10 second first place victory! Saturday’s races were postponed to Sunday due to high winds. Rather than packing up and going to West Point, the decision was made to stay home and battle against our local home rivals. The women’s first varsity 8 (lightweight 8) went up against the other schools’ fastest boats and posted a respectable time of 5:10. The women’s junior 4 had an exciting race, as everyone watched them walk from 6th place right into 3rd place with 500 meters to go. They just missed second place by .30 of a second — such an exciting race! The boy’s junior 4, that just had their line up changed less than a week ago, posted a solid time of 5:12. The women’s junior 8 and women’s freshmen 8 both raced in the junior 8 event, posting times of 6:22 for the upperclassmen and 6:29 for the freshmen (a time that is 9 seconds faster than their first race, just two days earlier). And to close out the weekend was the women’s senior 4 which also had an exciting finish and placed 5th out of 7.

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