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3 Wins on the Hudson

Gold medals were awarded to three Rhinebeck boats during this weekend’s Triangulars regatta in Poughkeepsie. The Girls Lightweight 8 continued its winning streak, competing in the full-weight open varsity category. And both of our novice 8 boats recorded their first wins in exciting fashion Saturday morning!

More importantly, it was a successful day for the entire team, as all of the Rhinebeck Crew entries recorded impressive 1st, 2nd or 3rd place results.

Senior 8 Girls – 1st
Senior 4 Girls – 2nd
Lightweight 4 Girls – 2nd
Junior 4 Girls – 3rd
Senior 4 Boys – 2nd
Lightweight 4 Boys – 2nd
Novice 8 Girls – 1st
Novice 4 Girls – 3rd
Novice 8 Boys – 1st

It was a long day at the river and we want to give a special shout out to all of the rowers, coaches and parents who came early (6:00am!) or stayed late (8:30pm!) to support the team. A super special thank you to those that did both (we know who you are!).

There was a terrific show of team spirit with varsity parents and rowers at the morning novice races and novice parents and rowers at the evening varsity races. And thanks to our coaches who supported the entire team throughout the day. Your show of support is incredibly important and reflects our longstanding mission from the home page of our website:

“…there are no bench warmers or individual stars. In the sport of rowing everyone competes and the success of the team relies solely on being just that – a team.”

Looking forward to seeing everyone up in Saratoga for the New York State Championships – Go Rhinebeck!

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