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2017 New York State Championships

Shout out to the rowers and spec-atheletes (spectators that spend long hours supporting our team), including parents, siblings, and friends, for displaying terrific, positive energy and unbridled enthusiasm.  Your continued, absolute support throughout the weekend was impressive.  Particular gratitude goes out to those parents and rowers who stayed through the very last race on Sunday – it was a standing ovation as our boys ltwt 4 crossed the finish line in 5th place and it meant a lot to the rowers.

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to our rowers!  The entire Rhinebeck Crew 2017 team rowed their hearts out and it made a positive impression on all who witnessed your races.  Rhinebeck Crew was once again very competitive in this regatta and was THE TOP performing team from the Hudson Valley.  To the rowers, in the disqualified boats, we were particularly impressed with your positive attitude, mature response under adverse circumstances, and your continued unparalleled support of your team on Sunday.  In addition to the boat mentioned above, we had other boats perform in the top echelon of their categories.

As always, THANK YOU to our coaching staff for their tireless support, encouragement, and guidance they provide our developing student athletes.  In addition to the obvious time spent at practices and races, we know and appreciate the additional amount of time you spend thinking about your team behind the scenes on a daily basis.

Thank you to our school chaperone, Beth Heady, for all her support, kindness, and knowledge of the sport of rowing AND the nuances of young, student athletes!

Massive amounts of gratitude go out to our food trailer team for their never-ending work over the weekend.  We see this crew work from set-up of our space on Friday afternoon, through the break-down of the tent, and packing of the trailer on Sunday.   In the interim, they are preparing meals, manning the grill, cleaning our space, and just generally making sure we all enjoy the atmosphere of the regatta.  Behind the scenes and during the week the food trailer crew spends and inordinate amount of time planning, shopping, and preparing for all the weekend’s events.  We can never say THANK YOU enough times to you!

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